Friday, November 26, 2010

Me & My Girls

It's the day after Thanksgiving and while plenty of people are out trying to catch some great deals and while other more unfortunate folks are back at work (my dear hubby being one of them) I'm enjoying a nice lazy day with my girls.

It is rainy outside. It's mid-morning and we're all still in our jammies. Just relaxing. Being lazy. Playing. And truly taking it easy for a change. No where to go. No where to be. Nothing in particular of importance to do.

We have some cookie dough in the fridge for cookies that didn't quite get made for Thanksgiving so we'll make some cookies after lunch.

And that's it for our day. That's all that is planned.

And I love it!! I wish we could have more days like this one!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had as nice a Thanksgiving as we did today. Other than my turkey being done about an hour and a half too soon (how does that happen anyway???) and being maybe a tad dry, we had a great day - a nice and relaxing day. In another half hour once my kids are sound asleep in their beds it will be an even nicer and more relaxing evening. *smile*

The holiday season has definitely begun! We have been super busy the past few weeks - hence the lack of blogging. Hopefully I'll manage to be a bit better about keeping up with the posts and pictures throughout the season but as I glance mentally at my calendar I know it will be tough. Lots going on!

I won't try to recap in detail all that we have been up to the past couple of weeks because for starters, most would probably find it rather boring! But here are some photos of some of the more interesting happenings in our household.

State Fair with friends...
From My Little Sunbeams

Gabrielle was excited to start Lunch Bunch at school and use her new Dora lunchbox...
From My Little Sunbeams

Gabrielle modeling her fashion designs after watching "Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale" movie...
From My Little Sunbeams

Samantha has been her usual silly (and often messy) self. I think there is a good possibility she will be a comedienne when she grows up - or at least a class clown in school...
From My Little Sunbeams

We carved probably our best pumpkins ever...
From My Little Sunbeams

Halloween and Trunk-or-Treat fun...
From My Little Sunbeams

Halloween party and Spooky Halloween birthday party...
From My Little Sunbeams

And most recently, enjoying some family time at our church Fall Festival in the birdhouse competition. We won the award for "A Country Retreat for Those with Extravagant Tastes".
From My Little Sunbeams

Now as I finish this blog post, the girls are all snuggled in their beds and I'm enjoying the quiet - aside from the background sounds of Ed playing his "Call of Duty" game. *smile*

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!