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Me, Myself and I
My name is Tiffany. I am a Christian thirty-something wife and momma. I love to craft, sew, paint, cook, read and write and never have enough time to do any of it! I also love spending time with my friends and my family and at my church. 

My Hubby
This is Ed. He is the man in my life and the love of my life. He is fairly laid back. He loves anything sports related, is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and is still a kid at heart when it comes to his video and computer games. But when the mood strikes he likes to get creative too with some sort of woodworking project.

"The Girls"
More times than not I refer to my little ones as "the girls." While very different from each other in a lot of ways, they both are very girly girls!

Gabrielle, our first born. She is our blue-eyed little diva in training. As a baby she was quiet and chill and easy going. As a young little lady now, she has found her voice and never hesitates expressing her opinion! She will undoubtedly grow up to do something in the arts but what specifically is still too soon to tell. She loves to craft, draw, paint and create and is finding her own little artistic style. Now that she is learning to read, her favorite activity is writing and illustrating her own stories. She also loves to perform. Being the first child, I guess she quickly became accustomed to being the center of attention. Whether it is singing or dancing, she thrives on being in front of an audience whether it be an audience of one or an audience of a couple hundred people.

Samantha, our baby. I am not sure where to even begin with this one. She came into this world the complete opposite of Gabrielle in almost every way possible. She is our green-eyed little headstrong princess. I have a video of Samantha in her bouncy seat at around 3 months old, screaming her little head off. Not screaming as in crying but just screaming at her toys to hear herself scream. Let's just say the volume has pretty much remained the same when it comes to her. We never know what we'll get from Samantha but she certainly makes me laugh and likes being silly. She too loves to dance like her big sister. She loves all things princess and pink. I predict Samantha will grow up to be a marine biologist because of her love for all things under the water.

Our family would not be complete without our pets. Ed and I both are a lover of animals. Fortunately he is he more level headed, realistic one or else we would be overrun with animals in our cozy home. 

Mattie, our soon to be 13 year old Australian Cattle Dog-Border Collie mix. Ed adopted Mattie when she was a baby but she was a big 4 year old puppy when Ed and I married. She was a sweet giant ball of energy then but now as a senior dog is a mellow sweetie who likes to follow me around the house, never more than a couple of feet away.

Bella, our feisty, loud typical little Shih-poo (Shihtzu and miniature poodle mix). We adopted Bella just 5 months after we were married. She was the tiniest little furball I had ever seen. She is still small in size but BIG in personality. She thinks she rules the roost even over Mattie who was here long before Bella existed. 

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