Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am NOT my sister!

Even at 2 months old Samantha is already letting me know - loud and clear - that she is not her big sister. Actually, when I think about it, from conception throughout my pregnancy and even in delivery it was a very different experience. Upon the news that I was expecting, my sister warned me that my second child would be the polar opposite of my first. Even though it is difficult for me to admit - she was right!

I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. In fact some of the differences have been wonderful. Samantha is a much better sleeper at night than Gabrielle was at this age and has been since day one. She does not require I rock her to sleep. Change her, feed her and lay her down - that's it. She started sleeping 8 hours a night at an earlier age than Gabrielle as well.

Samantha is a much more relaxed eater. Unlike her sister who chugged every bottle like it was her last meal and often choked as a result, Samantha takes her time, is in no hurry and easily burps afterward.

However, Gabrielle was a very easy going baby - very patient and quiet and simply put, easy. Samantha, well, easy isn't really the adjective I would use. She is the opposite of easy going and patient. When she wants something, she wants it now. She is the opposite of quiet. When she is not happy the whole neighborhood can probably hear her. But I will say she is equally loud with her coos and laughs as she is with her cries and screams so it is not always unhappy loudness. (There have been nights Ed and I have woken up to her babbling to her mobile animals.) In general Samantha demands more attention than Gabrielle ever did but then again Gabrielle did not have a two year old to compete with either.

Gabrielle loved her pacifier from the beginning. It always calmed her and she could sleep through anything and anywhere as long as she had her "paci". The second night in the hospital she was crying and crying and crying. The only thing that would soothe her was to suck on my little finger. It was probably 2:00 am when I called the nurse to ask for a pacifier. After all, I was exhausted and could not stay up all night just to let Gabrielle suck on my finger. To my surprise it was against hospital policy to pass out pacifiers. They did not even keep pacifiers on hand in the regular nursery. I guess the nurse could see desperation in my eyes because she quickly left and returned with a pacifier from the N.I.C.U. Upon handing the tiny pacifier to me she said "If anyone asks I did not give this to you." It was silly how big of a deal was made over a pacifier but I learned my lesson. I was sure to sterilize and pack my own pacifiers in my hospital bag for Samantha. But of course I was once again surprised the second night in the hospital. Samantha refused the pacifier!! I was determined to convince her that the pacifier is what she wanted. She got a little better about taking it once we got home but in the last couple of weeks she takes it less and less. We've gotten to the point that the only way Samantha will take a pacifier is for us to physically hold it in her mouth. Let's face it, if it requires that much work it pretty much defeats the purpose of the pacifier!

While there are some obvious differences between my girls, they do resemble one another and share some very sweet personality traits as well. For instance, Samantha is just as smiley and happy as her big sister was at this age.

Yes, my girls are definitely each their own persons and both will probably continue to remind me of this for many, many years to come.

Gabrielle at 2 months old. I have very few photos from the first
6 months where she does not have her pacifier.

Instead of a pacifier, Samantha loves her fingers.

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