Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Crafts with Gabrielle

Last week Samantha and I worked on Valentines for her PMO class. This week was Gabrielle's turn. The weekend ended up being very busy and packed full of other activities so we were a bit last minute getting started on her class Valentines. Fortunately the ones we chose to do were fairly simple.

Gabrielle did not want to do butterflies just like Samantha's but wanted hearts instead. She said the Tootsie Roll pops looked like arrows in the hearts. 

The next ones were a little more time consuming but a good activity for teaching Gabrielle how to braid. We made friendship bracelets for all her school friends. I ended up making all of the bracelets for the Valentines myself but while I was braiding the bracelets, Gabrielle was practicing her braiding technique. She has the steps down but just needs more practice with keeping all three pieces taut.

Both Samantha and Gabrielle also worked on their Valentines they had picked out for Ed.

Can  you tell which bear belongs to which daughter? I was impressed with how well Samantha actually did for her age and considering her less than detailed approach to crafts.

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