Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Lake Photos

All of the photos from my previous lake post were taken on my phone. I realized yesterday I still had photos from our lake trip on my regular digital camera.

The sleeping arrangements for the kids - or at least the arrangements we attempted. On our second night the mattresses were moved in front of a television so they could lay down while we were cooking dinner and they were never moved back. Some of the kids got up in the middle of the night and ended up in various places.

 Gus has an inflatable "jet ski." It is really cute and goes extremely slow - so that no one can escape I suppose. This little captain was begging all of the girls to go for a ride. Finally at the end of the day the two little ones, the three year olds decided to give it a go. Gus was taking them on a ferry ride. He went out a little further than he had been going on his own which made me a little nervous. But boy were they cute. And Gus really was such a good little captain, making sure his passengers were okay.

Little Miss Bridgette meanwhile was doing what every beginner walker does - toddling from here and there, climbing in the chair, and out, back in the chair and out again.

This is the night the mattresses got moved to the tv area. The kids had played so hard all day. This is the night Samantha fell asleep at 5:30 before she could even eat dinner. She rolled off the mattress onto the floor in a crack between two mattresses. I put her back on her bed and when I checked on her a little later she had rolled off the other side of the mattress back onto the floor! I moved her once again and there she stayed until 6:00 the next morning. 

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