Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Summer {in Photos}

Today is Labor Day - the unofficial end of summer. Tomorrow starts a whole new adventure for us - kindergarten!! Wednesday is Samantha's first day of preschool. And to top it all off, on Monday I will be returning to the office and slightly increasing my work schedule after working from home part time for the past six years. This fall will be all about adjusting and new schedules and routines for us.
A lot of schools in our area are year around schools. The new school years begins in July for these schools. While I can certainly understand the advantages of this type of schedule I am glad our school is a traditional calendar school. I am happy to have had almost 3-1/2 months of summer with my girls. I would not have been ready to send Gabrielle off to kindergarten 2 months ago (she was ready to start kindergarten the day after her last day of preschool however). I am not sure I am completely ready to send her off even tomorrow! But tomorrow will come and I will have to accept it.
I decided to put together several photo collages of some of our summer memories and adventures. Enjoy!!
Released a few more butterflies...
Gabrielle's preschool summer camp - "God's Garden"

Lake time with friends!

Our trip to the American Girl store & restaurant. The girls and I LOVED it!

Trip to NCSU campus, a nearby park and the Rose Garden.

WFUMC Father Daughter dance - "Hoedown Throwdown"

Summer is never complete without a trip or two to Meemaw's, the aquarium & the beach.

Mommy & Gabby Day - painting pottery, lunch, & mani/pedi's.

Family trips & bowling for the first time.

More aquarium pics.

Just a bunch of cuteness!


Jennifer Crank said...

Tiff, I love it! A great blog, I see so much happiness in those sweet collages!
Blessings on you and your sweet family.
Jen C

Anonymous said...

Love this! You made wonderful memories.