Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Been A While

It has been a while since I posted anything and that fact really bothers me. I know I will never remember everything that has happened that I wanted to post and there has certainly been plenty to write about. We've been a busy family! So I will just let go of the fact I will in no way be able to catch the blog up and move on.

Strike a pose!

We are now in the (very) early stage of potty training Samantha. She wants to be like big sister and has certainly watched her enough to know how it all works. We just have to get the timing down. But as I said we in very early stages. When we are home doing nothing in particular Samantha wears her little training panties and sits when she feels like sitting. We have had some success but we also have had some messes. I forgot how NOT fun this whole training is!

But she sure is cute and proud of her "new" panties.

Samantha turned herself into a little arts & craft project while visiting Meemaw. Well I guess she may have had a little help but it still made for a good laugh.

I have used my bread machine a few times now. This week I tried my Aunt's yeast rolls recipe. They certainly were not the prettiest rolls but they tasted good. I knew they were not quite right and while talking to Mama I realized I had left out an ingredient. At least I know where I went wrong. These tasted good but the next ones will be even better!

My little flower!! We picked up Gabrielle's ballet recital costume this week. She couldn't be any cuter! Unfortunately the costume was fitted and ordered in November and since then Gabrielle has been through a big growth spurt. She has grown about an inch and a half in the past month or so. She has absolutely no room to grow any more in the next three months!!! Today in fact we have to make a shopping trip for a few essentials since she has grown so much. I need warm weather to permanently arrive so I no longer have to send her out in public with pants too short! Bless her little heart she certainly has her Daddy's long legs!

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Casey said...

The girls are super cute in their matching outfits. I love it!