Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy As Bees

We've been a busy little family lately. Here is what we've been up to -

Our first t-ball season is well under way. We have had 3 games so far and from this week on will have two games a week. Gabrielle likes batting but right now is getting bored fairly quickly out in the field. But she is having fun regardless.

Our little #3!

Gabrielle & Lilly are 2 of the 3 little girls on the team. They are so cute out on the field. The little sisters enjoy the games too. They are quite silly at times.

We surprised the girls with a trip to the NC Zoo recently. One Saturday morning we woke them up early, got them dressed, loaded in the car and drove away without telling them anything about where we were going. They were in a little bit of shock once we arrived at the zoo. Despite the weather forecast being completely wrong - it stayed cloudy and much cooler than it was supposed to - we all had a lot of fun. We got there about an hour after the zoo opened and didn't leave until closing time, the longest day I've ever spent at the zoo. I didn't take a ton of photos unfortunately. It was much more crowded than we expected it to be and I guess it was too cool and drizzly for a lot of the animals.

Last week was spring break for us. We spent a few days of doing nothing more than playing outside and enjoying the easy week.

The girls had a great Easter as well. On Saturday we had an egg hunt at church followed by a surprise trip to Build-a-Bear. On Sunday the Children's Choir sang at church. Following church we had a nice Easter lunch and a special visit from GrandDad.

Samantha won an Easter basket from our local library. Gabrielle was really disappointed she didn't win but Samantha shared just about everything with her big sister.

The girls in their Easter frocks.

This morning, as I have been working on getting the blog updated, the girls have been playing babies. Gabrielle called me in her room to see Samantha. Apparently Samantha was the baby, Gabrielle the Mommy, and Gabrielle had just put the baby to bed.

The tiny baby doll feet sticking out from the blankets just cracks me up!

We will continue to be busy for a while. This week we are planning and preparing for Samantha's 2nd birthday. Two?!?!?!? Samantha's little personality is really starting to bloom. In between her serious temper tantrums she is quite hilarious and so happy and giggly about everything.

But this photo seems like it was just last week. Where did my little munchkin go? I can hardly stand to go back and look through baby photos of the girls. If I spend too much time doing so I may seriously start considering baby #3!! Ha!

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