Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thought

I bet Mattie and Bella worried once I had "human" babies, their days of being pampered and spoiled would be over. Well, the photos below prove they have certainly not been forgotten!!

This, however, is probably NOT the kind of pampering and attention they had in mind or would have preferred.

But don't my lil' witch and lil' pumpkin look so cute???

While perusing the Halloween isles at Target today not only did I score the cute doggy costumes above but I also discovered dog trick-or-treat goodies. I am not even kidding - bags of little boxed dog treats to pass out to all those pets who go trick-or-treating are available at your local retailer!! Seriously??? Do people take their pets trick-or-treating? Have Mattie and Bella been deprived all these years?

And honestly, will any of you be prepared if a dog or cat or some other pet comes knocking on your door the 31st? Truly something to think about.

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