Thursday, May 31, 2012

Art 101, Lesson 1 with Gabrielle

 I have mentioned probably a hundred times on this blog before - Gabrielle LOVES art! I tried to find an art class for her to take this summer but unfortunately all of the classes offered within close proximity required that she currently be in kindergarten or completed kindergarten. I decided we would do "homeschool summer art classes" instead.

After researching various homeschool blogs I found a couple of different books to check out. But before I had the chance to find the books Ed brought home from work a video that is just perfect. For those of you readers who may not know, Ed and I both work for an art supply company, Jerry's Artarama .Yes, very convenient. (That is actually how we met.) The company sells tons of various art videos including a series for students of each grade level. We are obviously starting with the kindergarten one. Gabrielle and I watched a few of the lessons and she was immediately excited about the projects.

You can find more information about this series at . It is an awesome program I would highly recommend to homeschoolers and public school families as well!

Today Samantha is at PMO. I thought the Thursday mornings she is there would be a good time for Gabrielle and I to do some of the lessons. There will probably be some lessons that Samantha can do as well, with a little more help from me. I also wanted some one on one fun, special time with Gabrielle though before she starts kindergarten in the fall.

Lesson 1, Color Mixing Handprints, Gabrielle learned about primary and secondary colors. After tracing her own hands, she filled them in with primary colors. For the background she chose two primary colors to mix together - yellow + blue = green.

The finished product...

She is eager to start lesson two!

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Ira Goldstein said...

Wonderful, I know through your encouragement and support she will be one of the few who really appreciates art and perhaps a future master artist. It is a shame many of our public schools really drop the ball due to lack of funds and putting the funds they do have in other areas. Certainly in the public school system the younger grades have the strongest art programs. The programs seem to deteriorate every year after Kindergarten. I know with a caring parent such as you, your kids will get to grow through art and achieve their potential by the advantages art empowers them with. Keep up the good work.