Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Art by Gabrielle

When Gabrielle was just shy of turning one I bought her her first coloring book and box of crayons. We sat down at the table and colored a picture together and I swear the child has not stopped drawing, coloring and creating since!

Here are some of her most recent creations...

She started by tracing a Crayola circle stencil that was mine when I was a little girl (how in the world I managed to hang onto that of all things is beyond me). Then she added her own details to turn it into an alien.

Here are the girls laying beside a paper picnic Gabrielle came up with entirely on her own.

She later added on some food, realizing she had left off all vegetables. But my favorite part of the picnic are these...

She drew, cut and pasted together coconut milk in coconut cups with red straws. 

I love that she is so creative and while at times, like when I'm really busy working or cleaning, I get aggravated by her asking for craft supplies and projects to do, I would not want her to be any other way. She literally spends hours coloring, drawing and crafting and I love that about her. I'm already looking into some art classes she can take over the summer. I just know she would have an absolute blast!

Just a little more bragging to do (after all, we parents LOVE to brag on our kids whenever we get the chance, right?), when I picked her up from school yesterday her teacher commented on Gabrielle drawing "a beautiful picture" for her place mat. Gabrielle told me it was a fairytale scene with a fairy, a mermaid and little red riding hood. I can't wait until she is able to bring it home.

And one other note on my big girl, she is now officially registered for kindergarten. I seriously don't know how or when she grew up but it happened and I am having a very difficult time wrapping my head around the idea!

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Anonymous said...

love the art. her alien is very good and I love that she was so creative with the coconut milk!! Hope she will always want to do arts and crafts. Of course she got it honest since you always liked doing the same thing.