Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

It has been a busy week and it is only Tuesday night. This year I am excited - and nervous - to say we are having our first Thanksgiving at our house. We enjoy visiting and spending time with family but we decided with two kids now, one of which not even 7 months old, we would spend Thanksgiving at home this year. It is exciting to begin our own traditions with our girls but I'm getting a little nervous about preparing an entire Thanksgiving dinner on my own!

Today I was supposed to get all of the desserts done as well as some cleaning. Well the only thing I finished was the pecan pie. Hopefully tomorrow will go better or else at this rate we won't be having Thanksgiving dinner until Saturday! Although I have a lengthy to-do list for tomorrow most of the tasks are fairly simple and hopefully Ed will not be working late so I'll have some help tomorrow night watching the girls. I can't really blame my lack of productivity today on the girls though. I did not wake up motivated at all. I didn't sleep late but got a late start actually getting busy. Then while making the pecan pie I ran out of vanilla. Vanilla!! How in the world did I not pick up vanilla at one of my two shopping trips this week??? I mean, seriously, vanilla is in everything. So of course I had to go out again today to buy vanilla.

I was going to post last night and in that post was going to mention my prediction that by week's end Samantha would have her first tooth. But guess what - when I looked inside her mouth this morning I saw that her tooth officially broke through!! You can't see the tooth quite yet without taking a really close look but I can definitely feel it with my finger. So this photo will be one of the last of a toothless grin!!

From the looks of it the second tooth will be following very soon. Samantha also learned how to get on her hands and knees over the weekend. Yesterday she got on her knees a few times and rocked back and forth. I don't think I'm ready for a crawler yet but I'm not sure Samantha cares whether I'm ready or not. She is acting as if she is ready to go. I figure if she takes her time then she'll be crawling in a couple of weeks. I'm keeping the video camera charged and ready to go.

I may not have gotten much baking or cleaning done today but one thing I did get accomplished is a turkey craft with Gabrielle. Poor Gabrielle, I've been telling her for weeks now we would make a turkey but today I finally kept my word. My mom had printed some instructions to make a turkey using footprints and handprints. I think it turned out pretty cute. Gabrielle named him but now I can't remember what she said. Most of her names are gibberish. I'll try to remember to ask her tomorrow when she wakes up what she decided to name her turkey. Lately she wants to proudly display her artwork on the kitchen wall. At one time she didn't want me to hang her drawings and paintings on the fridge. I'm not sure if she likes the idea of hanging her work to be displayed or if she likes using the tape more. No matter her reason, I love seeing her artwork up everywhere!

So my new blog design is complete but now that I know how to change the background easily I may give it a new look for Christmas. I'm going to keep the format and the type as it is but just change my header and background images.

If Thursday isn't too terribly chaotic I'll try to think to take some photos of our meal and the day and let everyone know how the day turned out.

And if I don't post again before, have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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