Thursday, November 26, 2009

Whew! What a day!!

I guess I am about as prepared for tomorrow as I can possibly be at this point. It has been a LONG, LONG day! I have been on my feet cooking and washing dishes from the moment I got out of bed at 8:00 this morning. I don't know how my mom did it all those years or how any of you women still do it year after year. But I guess if this is the first year starting our own traditions then I might as well get used to the idea! I know the work will never get easier but maybe I'll get better with my planning and get more realistic expectations of what I can actually accomplish! I would say once I don't have bottles and diapers and naps to deal with it will get easier but I know that isn't true. I'll just have new issues to deal with like settling disagreements between the girls.

A little side note about my cooking today - can you believe I realized half way through my dishes that I was not going to have enough eggs? And I realized I forgot to buy ginger ale for the punch. Talk about lack of planning! One would think after running out of vanilla yesterday I would have double checked to make sure there was not anything else I needed. Fortunately I didn't have to go out and make the trip myself. Ed was able to pick up the couple of things I needed on his way home from work.

I made the mistake of telling Gabrielle this morning she could help me make sugar cookies. The mistake was not letting her help but telling her she could help hours before I was ready! I had to hear her ask about helping with the cookies every 15 minutes. I divided the dough in half. I started rolling and cutting the first batch and was saving the second batch for Gabrielle. Once she saw me working with the first batch she stood on the other side of the dog gate to the kitchen asking every 3 seconds "Is it my turn yet?" About 2 minutes into cutting out the cookies she was more interested in taking "a little taste" than she was about the task at hand.

So it is midnight as I'm typing this and Samantha just went to bed for the second time tonight. She woke up a couple of hours after putting her to bed the first time at 8:00. Both Ed and I took a turn rocking her but she was very restless. She would close her eyes and act as if she were asleep but every so often she would kick or wave her arm. I attempted to let her "cry it out" but after 20 minutes of relentless crying I told Ed to get her out of the crib. I fixed a bottle for Ed to give her while I continued making the potato filling. Samantha finished the bottle but it did not lull her back to sleep as I had hoped.

This is Samantha playing in the living room floor when she should be sleeping!!

And this is Ed, "watching" Samantha as I am in the kitchen cooking. It was a long day for him at work!

Well it is late and I am tired. I have made my to do list of everything I need to get done tomorrow and the order in which to get it all done. Hopefully everything will go well!

I hope everyone has a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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