Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy, Busy Birthday Week

It has been quite a busy week for us - but a fun one!

I had lunch out twice this week with a couple of my friends. How awesome is that? Today I had lunch with my friend Caroline. I have so many talented friends starting their own businesses and Caroline is one of them. She makes and sells her own jewelry. Her Etsy shop is and the link to her website is .

I bought these earrings last week with some birthday money:

And today at lunch she brought with her two boxes full of her jewelry and told me I could pick something out for my birthday. Wasn't that sweet? I ended up picking out two things - I really liked so much of it I couldn't decide what to get!! But these are the two pair of earrings I finally decided on:

Thanks, Caroline! I love my new earrings and you can bet I'll be buying more pieces!!

Yesterday Gabrielle had ballet as usual but this particular class was a very special one. Gabrielle's recital costume came in and yesterday she got to not only try it on but the class even gave us a preview of their show! How cute are these little girls?

It will be only Gabrielle and this other little girl doing the recital from her class. I can't wait to see the two of them up on that big stage by themselves.

Gabrielle was thrilled to see and put on her costume. I thought she might be upset about not being able to keep the costume on but she made no big deal out of leaving the costume at the dance studio. The cute little teddy bear with matching costume, however, was a completely different story. Gabrielle cried and cried and I did not think I would ever get the bear from her and get out of the studio. She kept telling me how much she loved her bear and she wanted to take her home. It was a very heartbreaking ride home. She has since gotten over it but I'm sure each Wednesday we go to the studio for ballet class she will be reminded of her little teddy bear. Hopefully she'll be able to handle leaving the bear there a little better with each week or else we are going to be miserable from now until the end of May!

Isn't it nice to go to the mailbox and see colorful envelopes instead of the usual dull white boring ones which seem to be bills more times than not? Last week I had a couple of days like that with receiving birthday cards for myself. Today we hit the jackpot!

Ed had a couple of birthday cards in the mail and then the girls had several Valentine cards. And to make it even better, not a single bill was in the mailbox!

The girls loved opening their cards -

We - and by 'we' I mean 'I' - have procrastinated with making Valentine cards, once again this year. So I apologize to our friends and family now - you probably will not receive a Valentine this year but thank you so much for the cute and sweet ones you sent to us. Maybe I can make it up to at Easter!!

Today is Ed's birthday. Happy Birthday, hubby!! After lunch today the girls and I went shopping for him. We got him a new game and controller for his Wii and bought some groceries to make him a special birthday dinner and some birthday peanut butter cookies. Dinner was delicious and the cookies were even better. And Ed has been playing his game for the past hour and 45 minutes, since the girls were put to bed, so he must be enjoying his gift as well.

Now I must get busy with meal planning and making a grocery list. I really feel like putting it off until tomorrow but I know tomorrow I'll regret it when I'm rushed to getting a list together and later than I would ideally like getting to the store. The whole day will be thrown off. I might as well just do it now and get it over with, right?

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