Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Have We Been Up To?

Hi everyone! Those of you who check this blog and maybe even my other blogs somewhat regularly have probably noticed I haven't been posting as frequently. Just a quick explanation - I love blogging. I have kept a journal pretty consistently since high school and blogging is sort of a public (and edited) way for me to journal. I love writing about my girls, my family and our sometimes hectic life. I love to read my friends' blogs and even started following and reading blogs by people I don't even know in real life. And here is where the "but" comes in - I often joke that I'm addicted to blogging but it was becoming less and less of a joke and more of a problem. I found myself spending way too much time on the computer, posting to my own blogs, reading other people's blogs and searching the Internet in general. Don't worry - I don't think I need a twelve step program or anything, I just decided I needed to take some time away from the computer. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to better balance everything and post a little more often without sacrificing other aspects of my life.

So enough of that business, what have we been up to the past couple of weeks? The past week I've been gearing up for a yard sale for next Saturday. It is a little early in the year for yard sales but I just can't deal with the clutter any longer. Ed's shop is packed full of boxes and stuff we need to get rid of, things we cleared out last year when we were getting Gabrielle's new room ready and the nursery ready for Samantha. In the last year we have of course acquired even more stuff. The walls of the house were starting to close in on me so I decided we had to have a yard sale ASAP! I've just about completed going through the house but now have the task of pricing the stuff in Ed's shop and maybe going through some of the boxes in the attic. I want to be very critical and seriously get rid of stuff we are hanging onto for no good reason.

Other than that we've been up to our usual, nothing too exciting. Gabrielle has really been into her coloring and drawing lately and spends a great deal of time at her little table. We made it back to the library finally after almost 4 months! The library used to be a regular every other week event for us. In August the children story hour at our library began and we were going every week for a while. And then winter hit and it seemed someone always had a cold or the weather was just too miserable to go out in unless it was an absolute necessity. We came home with a bag full of books and Gabrielle has really enjoyed reading some new stuff.

Yesterday we had a nice family outing to the Museum of Natural Science. Gabrielle had seen on "Curious George" a museum with dinosaur bones. She also had seen on the show "Olivia" an art museum. For about a week now she had been asking to go to a museum. Eventually we'll make it to the art museum but I thought we would all get a little more out of the Science museum for now. It was a hit and a really great day. We had a nice lunch at the museum and Gabrielle loved all the exhibits. For some reason though she was being a little skittish of certain ones. She wanted to see them all but the ones she was actually allowed to get really close to and touch she was freaked out about. Not sure why that was. Normally I can't keep her hands off anything!

And that's our week in a nutshell - nothing too exciting, just normal life stuff for the most part. We are all definitely ready for spring and some nice weather. It will be great when we can at least get out in our backyard for an hour a day to burn off some energy and get some fresh air and sunlight!

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