Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow? Great!

Be sure to read the title with a sarcastic tone. We woke up this morning to once again - snow! The first time it was fun. Gabrielle wanted snow so badly I was happy she had the chance to get out and play. But enough already! We live in NC. We are not supposed to have winters like this!

Last night instead of doing dishes from dinner I decided to take it easy, in other words, be lazy! I took a nice bubble bath...

got nice and warm in my fleece pajamas and snowman socks...

got in bed with my furry baby Bella...

and my new tote full of my books, Bible, journal, word searches...

and relaxed, read and went to sleep fairly early.

I'm so glad I did too because Gabrielle woke up several times during the night. Ed got up with her each time but as expected she was awake just a little after 5:00 this morning and isn't feeling too well.

Of course in this picture one would not suspect she isn't feeling well. What can I say, the girl loves to have her photo taken!

She is feeling warm. I just took her temp and sure enough - 101.2 . Ed took my car to work this morning. It is better than his for driving in snow and his truck doesn't have heat. I just gave Gabrielle some Tylenol and hopefully that will help. I guess I will call the pediatrician later this morning to get their opinion on whether I should take Gabrielle to Urgent Care or the Minute Clinic, just to make sure it's not strep or anything like that.

Fortunately, Samantha seems to be fine so far. She still has a runny nose and a slight cough but isn't running a fever at all.

I guess I'll be spending the day trying to keep Gabrielle laying on the couch, resting and trying to keep Samantha and all of her toys away from germs.

Seriously, I am so ready for spring!! I know kids can get sick in the spring too but I'm done with the colds, the cold weather, the snow and being stuck inside. We need to get out, running around, playing, getting some energy burned off! I'm going to side with the Sir Walter Wally (the Raleigh groundhog) and hope winter will be coming to an end soon!

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