Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Samantha's One Year Portraits

I took Samantha to Sears for her one year portraits last week. She has been very clingy to me lately. I was not quite sure how she would do with the photographer but she did great. The photographer kept things short and quick which was to our advantage. Samantha was probably not going to let me put her down too many more times before throwing a tantrum. And once Samantha gets mad there is no soothing her for quite a while!!

My favorite poses are 2 and 3 but I decided to order Pose 3, the closeup. I'll be taking her again the end of the month or the first of June to get her picture taken in her baptism dress and I know I'll want a full length shot then.

Mama was here to help me with the girls during pictures. Gabrielle has been extremely jealous lately. I thought it would be a good idea to have Mama there to keep Gabrielle company while I was in the studio room with Samantha.

We had the very first appointment of the day and we got to the mall earlier than I had expected so none of the stores were open yet. At our mall there is a play area for kids just outside of Sears. At first I was dreading walking by there because I knew Gabrielle was going to want to stop and play but it worked out to our advantage since we had arrived at the mall so early. We stopped to play for about 15 minutes and I think it did a world of good. Gabrielle found a little girl probably around her age to play with and Samantha loved walking on the squishy floor and climbing on the turtles. I think being able to play a little first kept everyone happy for the rest of the morning.

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