Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Night New Bed

Tonight was the first night with the girls sharing the new trundle bed in their new room. Samantha's crib was set up in the middle of the room until we could get the second mattress. When Ed came home tonight with the mattress the girls could not have been more excited. I put Samantha to bed first and laid down with her since this was the first night out of the crib and in her "big girl" bed. Once she was asleep I tucked Gabrielle in and where does Gabrielle end up? Not in her part of the bed but on the trundle with Samantha!!

Maybe we should have just gotten a double bed!

Oh, and yes their hair is wet - from sweat! Our a/c is out and won't be fixed until Tuesday. We kind of knew it was coming but of course it would quit on us the hottest week of the year!! Last I checked the thermostat in the house it was 85 degrees - and that was at 10:00 pm!! Tuesday can not get here quick enough!!
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