Saturday, July 2, 2011

No More Nursery

Over the past couple of days more packing has taken place.

We have moved furniture.

Now Samantha's room ~ our nursery ~ sort of looks like it did 5 years ago when we were preparing the room for our first little baby girl.

I have to admit this feeling is a little bittersweet. I love the ages and stages the girls are currently in (most of the time anyway!) and we have lots of fun. And of course all babies eventually grow up. But the thought, the idea, we will never again have a nursery - well it is difficult to accept at times.

The girls and I are all packed up and ready to head to Meemaw's for a few days, leaving Ed with this mess and the responsibility of painting, cleaning and moving furniture and boxes so that when we return in 9 days we will all have some place to sleep!!

I don't envy Ed ~ at all!! I would much rather be at the beach. :) Of course, I would rather have Ed with us at the beach but I guess someone has to stay behind and get all this work done.

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