Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bedrooms Re-Model - Stage One

This summer we are taking on a fairly big house project - remodeling the girls' bedrooms. We decided to put the girls in one room and make the remaining room back into an office/multi-purpose room.

Here is a sneak peak of what the final room will look like...

You would not even believe the ups and downs, the drama, the changing of decisions, back and forth, it took to get to the color scheme above. I never knew shopping for bedding would be so difficult. Between sticking to a budget and finding something we all loved and something the girls would not outgrow in a couple of years - it was tough and I was beginning to stress about it. The plan is for Ed to paint the new shared room next week while the girls and I are at my mom's. Until this past Monday I had no idea what the bedding was going to look like or what colors we were going to use. I had resolved myself to the fact I was going to have to make duvet covers myself (taking on the largest sewing project ever for myself!!) and then was stressing over the price of the fabric I was finding that I liked. I started shopping for sheets I liked to use as the fabric. Upon entering the new Home Goods (this was my first trip ever in a Home Goods store) I found 5 quilts I absolutely loved for great prices. Now I can let out a huge sigh of relief - knowing we have bedding, paint color chosen and I don't have to stress over sewing them myself now!

This week I have spent a LOT of time packing up the girls' toys and belongings. They are not happy about the majority of their toys being inaccessible at the moment but it is just for a few days before we go to my mom's anyway. Yesterday I was able to get the rooms packed up enough to move Samantha's crib into Gabrielle's room. Gabrielle's room will eventually be the multi-purpose room so they will share this room until the other room is complete.

I knew it would be an adjustment but I was not exactly sure what to expect for the first night of the girls sharing a room. It was basically a big pajama party for them. They were both awake past 11:00!!! Now Gabrielle is not the greatest sleeper. She often is up late and up early the next morning but even last night was rough on her. Samantha is an awesome sleeper so she has really been affected by the late night. Hopefully it will get better and they will adjust and maybe a compromise will be made. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later for the sake of all of us!

I have learned a couple of things over the past couple of weeks in this process.
  1. I absolutely dread the day we may have to pack up the entire house to move. Just packing up two bedrooms has been quite a task ~ and I haven't even had to pack everything!
  2. The girls own way too much stuff! I am determined to get rid of at least a third of their toys and stuff. It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of stuff they have!

So I'm looking forward to coming home from vacation in a week and seeing the new wall color. Soon their new bed should be complete and ready for pickup as well. I cannot wait to see and share the finished room!!

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