Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Sweet Mattie-Girl

Once upon a time (about 4-1/2 years ago) I spent my time photographing and pampering and talking about my first "kids" - our dogs Mattie and Bella. I think they each are finally adjusting to not being #1 around here when it comes to attention. Mattie especially has probably had the hardest adjustment since it was just her and Ed for years before I came along. She loves me but if she could speak I'm not sure what her honest opinion would be about me bringing Bella into her life just a few short months after moving in!! Bless her heart, she has tried to be patient with all of us though.

Mattie has been especially sweet and very chill lately. Anyone who has known Mattie for at least as long as Ed and I have been together knows "chill" is never a word that would have been used to describe this energetic cattle dog mix. I know unfortunately the chill factor is a result of her age finally catching up to her. I cannot believe she is 11 years old!

This photo is the inspiration for this post. When I found Mattie on the couch, snuggled with Gabrielle's blanket, it was simply too cute a moment to not photograph.

We love you, Mattie-girl!! And regardless of how much I may gripe about the amount of hair I have to sweep and vacuum, I hope you are with our family for a lot longer still!

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Anonymous said...

how sweet Mattie is. Tell her Meemaw loves her and doesn't mind the times she has tried to be my lap dog!