Tuesday, June 14, 2011

T-Ball Finale

Monday night was the last t-ball game for Gabrielle. I asked her that morning if she was happy or sad about t-ball coming to an end. Her response?

"But I love the t-ball snacks!!"

I assured her I could buy little bags of chips, fruit snacks and Capri Suns for her to have from time to time this summer.

After the game the team met up at Goodberry's for some delicious ice cream (actually Goodberry's is frozen custard but really does it matter what you call it when it is just so yummy).

Once everyone had finished eating, the trophy presentation began.

Gabrielle was beyond thrilled!

Each player also received a game ball which I thought was really neat (Gabrielle thought it was pretty cool too!)

Coach Jay was awesome. I think we got pretty lucky with our team. Everyone was super nice and all the kids had so much fun. No one seemed to mind too much that Gabrielle spent more time sitting in the dirt than actually paying attention to the game. And every once in a while one of the players would give Gabrielle the ball so she would have a turn actually throwing it in.

I think it is safe to say t-ball is not exactly her "thing" - at least not right now. Gabrielle is more of a ballerina-girl at the moment. But she got to try something new and make some new friends - which is what life should be all about for a 4 year old in my opinion.

It was fun. Now the regular activities are over and we have the summer to enjoy.

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