Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Is Here!

To say it has been a busy, hectic summer so far is an understatement but I have come to the conclusion life with little ones is always going to be hectic and busy. At least it is a fun kind of busy! Our days have been full of trips to the pool, play dates with friends, playing outside, birthday parties, a trip to Meemaw's, and more.

I'm glad we're having fun and spending time with friends but one of the downfalls of staying so busy is the time just seems to fly by. I want to enjoy and savor the the summer, not have it be over in a blur.

This week we're enjoying VBS at our church where the church and kids have been transported to Nazareth when Jesus was a child. The transformation of the church is amazing! And the kids all seem to be having a great time. (We are certainly exhausted already and just halfway through but it is a good exhaustion!) Tonight I WILL remember to take my camera to get some photos. We have several professional photographers from our church taking hundreds of photos but I'd like to get some of my own as well to post later.

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