Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Taste of Summer

While summer may not be here according to the calendar, it is most certainly here according to the weather. The mid and upper 90 temps we've been experiencing has kept us inside for the majority of the week. Last night after dinner the girls and I braved the slightly less severe heat of the evening to enjoy a favorite summer treat - watermelon!!

Although it is still a tad early for the peak of watermelon season, this watermelon could not have been better - sweet and juicy, and of course served in an aluminum pie pan just like my Daddy used to do it!

Another sign of summer, my hydrangeas are now brilliant shades of blue. They have grown so tall since I got them as a Mother's Day gift a couple of years ago and the number of blooms seem to double with each summer.

When Ed first planted these they would not have even been as tall as Samantha is now. Now they are taller than Gabrielle.

I am fascinated with the ever changing colors of these blooms and how it is all determined by the acidity of your soil. When Ed bought the plants the blooms were a light pink. The next year they were a deep blue. This year is really interesting because while the flowers on one plant are a true blue, the other has both white and very pale blue blossoms. Since they are planted side by side I'm not sure how that happened!

Maybe next year I can manage to have a small flower garden and can adorn my table with a variety of fresh flowers from the beginning of spring through the end of summer.

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