Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

♪ ♫ Vacation, Had to Get Away ♬♩

Anyone else have the Go-Go's singing in their heads now? Probably just me but whatever...

We are finally back from vacation, for a few days now actually, and slowly are trying to get back to the real world but coming back to a house full of disarray after a week of relaxing and playing is quite a difficult task!

Although there was plenty of relaxation last week we also did quite a bit as well. It will take a while to get all the photos and everything up on the blog but here is a small bit of the vacation.

Day 1, Saturday -
Saturday was our travel day. The girls and I left late that afternoon after attending a friend's birthday party here. We arrived at my mom's around 7:00 or so. My brother Matthew and his wife Tammy and boys Joshua and Noah were also visiting Mama that weekend. We had not seen them in a few months which is really quite ridiculous considering we only live about 45 minutes from each other. But life gets busy for everyone and time flies by without notice I suppose. It was nice to have a chance to visit and catch up with them.
Day 2, Sunday -
This is the first full day of vacation I suppose. We started out with attending my mom's church followed by a quick lunch and a little more hanging out with Matthew and the rest of the family before they had to head back home.

An afternoon of napss for everyone was followed by grabbing some pizza for dinner. Then we went to Dairy Queen for some soft-serve ice cream cones. Mama and I got ours dipped and man was it good! I don't think I had had a dipped ice cream cone since high school. The girls loved it as well!

When we got home we were met at the door by a couple of little green frogs.

We finally figured out how to get them off the door so we could get inside without some additional new guests and with avoiding having them jump on us!

And that's it for the first couple of days. Fairly uneventful but a nice start I think. The days that followed certainly were busier!

I'm going to skip ahead a week now to show ya'll what we came home to. Ed did get the carpets cleaned, the room painted, and the bedrooms cleared out enough the girls could get to their beds. I LOVE the color and so do the girls. They say it is like water.

Now I'm faced with the daunting task of getting boxes unpacked and the rooms organized. The girls are anxious to be moved into their new room and to have access to all of their toys again. And I'm pretty certain Ed and I are both ready to have everything moved and all the work done as well. Right now the entire house is in chaos!

More boxes to unpack so better get to it. More vacation pics to come!!


Janie said...

You know in high school, our trips to Dairy Queen usually invovled a blizzard! Or we would go to No Name and get garlic bread. How on earth did we manage to only go to school for like 2 hours a day our senior year???

Anonymous said...

love the color of the room. can't wait to see the finished room