Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vacation Continued

The middle of the week at Meemaw's was a little of this and a little of that. The only "big" outing was a morning at Atlantic Beach. We got to the beach at 9:00 when it was not as hot and a lot less crowded. I had no idea the girls would love the beach so much!!

I knew they would both like the sand because they love our sandbox at home but I really did not expect them to enjoy the ocean water so much.

The water was kind of cold at first as ocean water is the majority of the time but it did not take too long to get used to the water temp. Both girls, especially Samantha, were very hesitant at even getting their feet wet. The waves understandably scared them.

I held Gabrielle's hand and stood just close enough for the waves to wash over our feet. After a little bit of that we slowly inched our way out. Gabrielle loved it! We would spend some of the time standing and then spent some of the time sitting and letting the waves wash over us.

I think Samantha must have gotten curious and maybe a little jealous because eventually she wanted part of the water fun as well. Once Samantha got used to it, it was definitely a two person job keeping up with them. Samantha was maybe a little too brave! There were times she did not want me to hold her hand but it was way too rough. I held on tight whether she liked it or not!

Mama and I finally convinced the girls we needed to take a little break for snack and also to reapply some sunscreen.

Next time we go to the beach we'll probably pack a picnic lunch and stay even longer. The girls would have stayed all day I think! I'm so glad they have learned to love the water this summer!

The other days were a little more relaxed. A trip to Meemaw's library for story time, a little shopping and a little cooking. Gabrielle loves to help in the kitchen. She helped Meemaw make M&M cookies one day.

Samantha wanted in on the kitchen action as well so one morning she helped make the blueberry-peach muffins for breakfast.

On Friday Ed was joining us for the weekend as well as my sister and her family so Thursday was spent trying to clean up the disaster we made of Meemaw's house! It wasn't too bad I guess but my girls certainly make themselves at home when we're there.

It was nice to have a few days of a little relaxation because the weekend was very full and very busy but very fun as well!

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