Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Better Days

Today certainly has not been the best of days. A cold I have been fighting off for a week now hit me hard this morning. Throbbing head, stuffy and runny nose simultaneously (how that is possible I don't know but that was certainly my case today), sore and scratchy throat. No energy. That was me. Samantha, who also has been dealing with the sniffles, was a little off this morning and as the day went on, I realized she was definitely coming down with something yucky. She fell asleep on her bed this afternoon. I had to wake her up unfortunately to clean up a yucky mess she had made in the bed while she was sleeping. Stomach bugs are the worst and to have that on top of the sniffles. Miserable.

After I got her cleaned up and her sheets off the bed she snuggled with her bink (thank goodness it had not gotten icky!) on her bare pillow on the floor. Ed put her to bed tonight and said she was very restless and was obviously having a hard time breathing due to her stuffy nose.

I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. Hopefully Samantha and I will be well enough to at least get to a store after taking Gabrielle to school to get some medicine for myself and some Pedialyte and crackers for Samantha and maybe a couple of other staples, just enough to get us through a couple of days until we are all well enough to get real grocery shopping completed. And I'm praying that Gabrielle and Ed will stay well and the stomach bug in particular will not spread any further!

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Janie said...

Hope everyone feels better!!!