Friday, January 27, 2012

Wacky Hair Week

This week was "Wacky Hair Week" at the girls' dance studio. Seeing all of the girls, and even the teachers too, with their wacky, crazy hair was very cute.

This was Samantha on Tuesday -

And Gabrielle last night -

We are having wacky winter weather this week as well. It has been quite warm most days, just barely cool enough for a sweater or light jacket. Today tops the cake though. High of 68, windy and on and off rain. On the way home from picking Gabrielle up from school to my right was dark, gray and stormy and to my left was blue skies and sunshine.

The girls woke up earlier than usual today so I was not surprised when Samantha fell asleep in the car on the way home.

I plopped her down on Gabrielle's bed when we got home and she has remained in exactly the same position for an hour now. Unfortunately I will have to go in and wake her up in a few minutes. A nap this time of day that lasts much more than an hour means bedtime will be impossible tonight. I do not look forward to waking her because she certainly takes after her Momma in that aspect. Samantha is not only difficult to wake up but she is also very irritated by it for quite a while after the fact. It has to be done though.

Hmm...would it be cruel to ask Gabrielle to do it for me?

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Janie said...

No....I send the kids in to wake each other up all the time. Especially when it is time to get Avery up!!!!