Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little Artists

I am very thankful both of my girls love to color, draw, paint and do crafts. They both easily get captivated with television, and probably watch way too much of it. They both get sucked in to their video games and usually complain about their time being up. But even with all the toys that do this and that, buttons and gadgets galore, it is nice that they are equally satisfied, maybe even happier, by a simple coloring book and crayons. I loved drawing and coloring as a child and it makes my heart happy to see my children have that same love for artsy stuff.

Yesterday I was finally feeling well enough to clean the house. While I sick I spent two entire days on the couch. Literally. You can imagine then how the house needed some attention. Not to mention some disinfecting! The girls helped by putting away all their toys that had made their way into the living room and as their reward I let them do some watercolor painting while I continued cleaning.

Here are Gabrielle's two masterpieces:

This is Rapunzel, her favorite princess at the moment. Gabrielle has also been fascinated with drawing music notes lately as well.

And this next one really surprised me. On her own she decided to do a still life of fruit.

Pear, green apple, grapes, blueberry, plums and then some pink lemonade and a slice of pie thrown in there for good measure!

Samantha is currently in an abstract phase with her art.

I was told this next one was her still life of fruit.

Here is hoping they never outgrow their creativity!!

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Matt Guthrie said...

I'm by no means an art expert, but I would say that Gabrielle is showing some talent. I love her interpretation of Rapunzel, which I recognized immediately, but even her fruit looks awesome.