Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Christmas Card Photo

Today's Advent activity was to take our Christmas card photo. I had not thought about how much more challenging taking this photo was going to be with two! I had to plan around naps and feedings so Samantha would be happy for the photo. Then I had to get them dressed. Then I had to pose them and try to get both looking at the camera with a decent looking smile.

Here are the outtakes:

Samantha was fascinated by her shoes and by Gabrielle. In the majority of the photos she was turning to look at Gabrielle which was actually pretty cute. I have a couple of them looking at each other that I'm holding onto as card possibilities. If Samantha wasn't looking at her shoes or Gabrielle then she was trying to escape to get to a toy or Gabrielle was making a silly face or the photo turned out blurry!! We have a couple of different "events" coming up that I may get some good shots to consider for the card so we'll see...

And here is a super close up of Samantha's teeth:

I know the photo would have been much cuter if I had her entire face in the frame but this was the only way I could get a photo where you could really see her teeth. Within a few more days I think the teeth will be much more visible in all of her smiles.

And here is Gabrielle with her ornament from Monday's Advent activity. It still isn't on the tree because I have been slack about attaching the cord to it. Sorry Gabrielle!!

Tonight Ed surprised us all by taking us somewhere "special." Wait for it.....Chuck E. Cheese!!!! Ha ha ha! He called me late this afternoon and asked if I had started dinner. I told him no and he asked if I wanted to go out somewhere. Well of course!! Like I would turn down a night of not having to cook. And then he said he wanted to take Gabrielle somewhere to do something fun. Last night Ed came home from work a little later than usual and with a migraine coming on so he ate dinner and was in bed by 6:30. Gabrielle only got to see him at dinner and asked about him all night and this morning. I think Ed was trying to make it up to her tonight. Gabrielle had seen the commercial for Chuck E. Cheese fairly recent and asked if we could go. She was so excited when Ed got home and told her where we were going. Once we got there she was just so cute. She kept calling it Chuck E. Cheese's house. Samantha was a little freaked out by the singing muppet/robot things. After eating dinner she was so tired because she had only had one nap today. I carried her around and considering how noisy it was in there and how much was going on I think she handled it really well.

The above shot is Gabrielle and Ed riding a giant rocking horse. Gabrielle really loves horses right now so was very excited to see this ride. Ed said when the horse rocked backwards it was actually a little scary.

It was a fun day! Tomorrow is our routine grocery shopping day and I would like to get mine and Gabrielle's hair cut and maybe do a little bit of Christmas shopping so unfortunately tomorrow probably won't be as fun as today. Maybe Saturday will make up for it!

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