Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Saw Santa

What a cold yucky day! We were supposed to go to the Youngsville Christmas parade this morning but opted out since it was cold and drizzly. However, much to our surprise as we were driving through town today by the signs of all the candy still left on the sides of the road there must have been a decent crowd out for the parade. Unless the people in the parade were tossing candy at empty sidewalks!!

Today was the big trip to see Santa. Last night Gabrielle and I sat down to write her letter to Santa. I don't think she quite understood the concept of the letter though. I decided I would keep the letter as a memento rather than have her take it to Santa today.

Samantha surprised me because I was a little worried that she would cry and scream but I'm not sure she even realized I passed her to a stranger. She is usually pretty good if Gabrielle is with her anyway.

Gabrielle was hilarious. She pulled a Ralphie (from the movie "The Christmas Story"). When she was sitting on Santa's lap she totally froze and wouldn't mutter a word. Then as we were walking away she got upset and started fussing about how she didn't tell Santa that she wanted "3 princesses in a big box and baby Starsong." She was really upset that she didn't tell Santa what she wanted and I honestly think she was worried that he wouldn't know what to bring her. We assured her that he knew and that it was in her letter that she wrote so for her not to worry.

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