Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a Fun Friday

Today turned out to be much better than I had expected. We got off to a late start with shopping - pretty typical for me actually - so we didn't get much Christmas shopping done despite the fact we were in Target for over 2 hours! We spent a lot of time casually browsing at Christmas decorations and the dollar section. I ended up getting some pretty good items from the dollar section. I also found a stocking for Samantha but no stocking holder yet.

Gabrielle now has a tree for her room. We saw this one and it was only $5 so I had to get it. I was a little surprised that she chose purple over pink though. She also wanted ornaments for her tree and fortunately the dollar section had a tube of 16 perfectly sized and colored glittery ornaments we strung together with ribbon for her little tree. She is also requesting a star for the top which I guess we will make out of paper tomorrow. Gabrielle was and still is so excited about her little tree. She carried it around the store for the rest of our shopping trip and even carried it around from room to room once we got home. She can be pretty cute at times!

Gabrielle and I got haircuts after dinner tonight. Isn't Gabrielle's new do so cute? I love it! It is a tad shorter than I had intended but I think she looks so cute with her hair this length. Now I feel like I need to definitely take all new Christmas card photos because she looks so different now!

The other kind of fun and exciting thing today is Samantha had puffs for the first time. For anyone who doesn't know, puffs are little bites of cereal that dissolve in your mouth pretty quickly. They are made by Gerber and are a great first foods for babies, sort of like Cheerios. Anyway, Samantha was not so sure about these little things. She played with it and would knock them off her high chair tray which the dogs were thrilled about. I finally put one in her mouth and she gave me the strangest looks. She got a little better with them but still can't quite get them in her mouth very well. She hasn't learned to pinch them with her fingers yet so the puffs get stuck to her palm most of the time. She also has gagged a couple of times because they get too far back on her tongue. The puffs dissolve really, really quickly so she won't get choked on them. (Gabrielle is enjoying the puffs as well.)

Samantha has been "talking" a lot lately. She has always been a much more vocal baby than Gabrielle was. I guess because the rest of us are so loud and always talking she must figure that is the only way to get any one's attention! Recently though she is making all sorts of new sounds, including the "m" sound a lot. Here is a video of her jabbering away tonight.

I think she is trying to say "mama." At least that is what I like to think and am going to continue to think! :) Gabrielle said "Dada" first which didn't bother me but she said it for months before she ever tried to say "mama." Mama was pretty far down the list of her first words. I didn't think she was ever going to say it. So for Samantha to be making so many "m" sounds makes me kind of happy. Ed said he was fine with that too since Gabrielle did say "Dada" first.

Even though it has been an extremely long day (the fact that I'm up after 1:00 am to get this blog post done isn't helping) it was a pretty fun day and a pretty good start to the weekend!

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