Sunday, April 25, 2010

Growing Pains

Tonight was the first night we put Samantha to bed without a bedtime bottle. For the past week or two the only bottle she has been getting has been at bedtime. We decreased the amount of formula a little bit every couple of days. Last night Ed used the very last of the formula for her tiny bottle. I knew she was not going to be easy going about letting her last bottle go but I had no idea she would put up this much of a fight.

In hopes of avoiding doing it myself, I asked Ed to do bedtime tonight while I did bath time. Ed didn't catch on until it was time to put Samantha to bed and then he called me out on my plan. Darn! But he did try. He rocked her and rubbed her head which she loves. She cried and cried and cried. After I finished up with Gabrielle's bath I took over. I rocked her, sang to her, rubbed her head. Nothing but crying and yawning. It was obvious she was so sleepy. I stood up and bounced her which she has always preferred over rocking anyway. More crying. Nonstop crying. She would rub her eyes. Yawn. She would close her eyes and moan for a little while and then back to crying - still with her eyes closed but putting up a good fight. I finally laid her in her crib. She rolled over immediately onto her tummy, grasped her blankie but did not give up the crying. After rubbing her back for a couple of minutes I decided to walk out the room. The poor little girl just laid there on her tummy crying. She cried for 30 more minutes before finally giving in to her sleepiness.

As if sitting and listening to my baby girl wasn't hard enough I now find myself reading articles on preschooler behavior issues like ignoring, defiance and tantrums. **Sigh**

I'm not sure who the growing pains are harder on - the children going through them or the mommy worrying about how to manage them!!

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