Friday, April 9, 2010

Memory Lane - One Year Ago

I am sitting at my computer working on invitations for Samantha's first birthday party. I can not believe she will be one year old so soon! I started thinking about how miserable I was feeling one year ago. My due date was April 24th and I just knew I was going to go into labor early. Boy, did Samantha have me fooled! I was hot, huge and incredibly uncomfortable and so ready to no longer be pregnant. I would not want to go back one year exactly but I would definitely love to go back about 11 months - when Samantha was one week old, tiny and still pink. She is so much fun now though. I love seeing her and Gabrielle together. But if given the opportunity I would not turn down the chance to hold Samantha (and even Gabrielle for that matter) as a tiny newborn once again.

I also started thinking about a comment my sister made about Gabrielle this past Saturday. She noticed Gabrielle was losing her "baby fat." My first born is becoming a big girl now, losing that round little baby face. I have looked at her all week long thinking about what Faith had noticed so I decided to look back at pictures and found myself almost in tears.

The difference a year makes! And I thought Gabrielle was such a "big girl" last year!!

I start feeling uncomfortable just looking at the photo above. It was Easter Sunday, the last Sunday we made it to church until after Samantha was born because it was the last Sunday any of my nicer maternity clothes fit! LOL

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