Monday, October 11, 2010

My Big Girl

Today was Gabrielle's 4 year checkup. Here she is in the car this morning as we were leaving -

From My Little Sunbeams

And here she is after her appointment.

From My Little Sunbeams

Notice anything different? Here is a hint - look closely at her ears!!

Her daddy finally - albeit a little reluctantly - agreed to her request for earrings. Poor daddy just doesn't want to see his little girls grown up.

It was a rough morning for Gabrielle. First there was the unexpected pain of getting her ears pierced and then the horrible 4 shots she received. But she was so good for everything. Now that her tears are gone she is very happy about her sparkly earrings and can't wait to show them to everyone she knows.

I just had to take this picture - she was so cute in her little paper gown at the doctor's office!

From My Little Sunbeams

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