Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Night

Ed and I decided we really wanted to start a family night - one night every week set aside for just fun family stuff. Friday seemed like a good night and tonight was our first of hopefully many, many, many family nights.

From My Little Sunbeams

We had lasagna rolls and salad for dinner - yummy! While I was cooking dinner Samantha and Gabrielle were coloring and drawing - Samantha mostly drawing on herself. We also played a little of Guitar Hero/Band Hero on our Nintendo Wii. The girls may not be able to do too much seriously with the game yet but they certainly have fun trying. Samantha and Gabrielle especially like singing with the microphone and hearing themselves over the tv speakers.

That last photo of Gabrielle and Ed was from a couple of nights ago - some fun daddy-daughter bonding.

After dinner and baths for the girls I warmed up some cookies and we played some board games. First we played Play-Doh Toy Time Race game we received for Christmas. The girls absolutely love this one, for obvious reasons - what kid doesn't love making a mess with play-doh? After I put Samantha to bed we let Gabrielle stay up a little later than usual and the three of us played Memory. I am always so surprised at how well Gabrielle does with this game. Tonight she and I tied for the win. The girl has an amazing memory - she really does not forget much, or let me forget too much either!

After Gabrielle went to bed Ed and I played a few more Guitar Hero games. I imagine it would be pretty hilarious for anyone watching, Ed on drums, me on guitar or bass, trying to be rockstars. Ha!!! Earlier while dinner was cooking we all played Taylor Swift's "Love Story" song with me on vocals. I have no problem being completely honest with saying I cannot sing - at all. I love to sing but believe me it is painful on the ears. After belting out my best of Taylor Swift's song my throat hurt and I was hoarse. I mean how embarrassing would it be to have to explain to everyone I lost my voice singing - or rather trying to sing - a Taylor Swift song on Guitar Hero???? But I have to admit, it is fun and it is very addicting.

I think the next game we should purchase is one of the dancing games - now that would be entertaining!

Now that we are all rocked out, the girls are in bed and even Ed has turned in for the evening, I think I will change into my pajamas and maybe read a little in the rare peace and quiet. Tonight was fun and I think everyone is looking forward to next Friday.

And I get to go to bed thinking about all the smiles and laughter that filled the house tonight.

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