Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Hi Maw-maw"

Out of the blue this morning, while Gabrielle was at school, Samantha came out of her room where she had been playing with her blocks and was insisting for me to do something - I just could not figure out what she wanted. She finally grabbed my hand and said "up" and then pulled me to the front door where I finally understood what she was trying to say. She wanted to go to Meemaw's house! I had to tell her Meemaw was too far away and we could not go today but that we would plan a trip soon to go visit.

She seemed to accept that answer easy enough but then put her hand to her ear and said "hi mawmaw" (she can't quite get Meemaw out yet but pretty close). I dialed her number and let Samantha talk to her Meemaw.

She talked and talked Meemaw's ear off for a few minutes. I had to pry the phone from her hand which she did not appreciate too well. The girl loves her Meemaw and loves to talk!!

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