Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Hour, Another Bag

I plan on going to the fabric store this weekend to catch some of the Memorial Day sales to buy the fabric and patterns for a sewing project for the girls but in order to keep the sewing mojo going I decided to complete a project I started, oh, I guess over 2 years ago!! I had the fabric cut and ready to go but for some reason never got around to sewing it together. This was another really easy bag, from start to finish just about an hour.



My favorite detail are the buttons...

Please ignore the messy hand sewing of the buttons. I really need more practice with buttons and other stitching by hand. The bag probably could have been done in way under an hour by someone who knows how to sew on buttons!!

I also really love the bamboo handles. I bought the handles when I first started sewing, around 10 years ago. I used them on one of the first purses I made and I believe it was only my second sewing project ever (my first being a basic shift dress which the purse was intended to go with). A few years ago when I no longer wanted that original purse I ripped open the seams, ditched the bag and kept the handles. When I saw this fabric and these buttons one day at - of all places - Walmart, I knew these handles would go perfectly.

The purse is not real big and since it has such a big opening, I will probably only use it those times I only need to carry the basics - wallet, keys, small make up bag.

I wonder if I have any other quick sewing projects started I could work on until my trip to the fabric store???