Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gabrielle's Art Show

Gabrielle was excited yesterday and repeatedly asked the same question all day - "Is it time for the art show yet?" She had yesterday off from school so that the teachers could transform the classrooms into an art gallery. And last night we are all invited to attend the "gallery opening."

Gabrielle helped me make some chocolate chip cookie bars and oatmeal raisin cookies to take for the snack reception following the art show. This girl loves to help me cook. I'm not sure if she likes the cooking part or the tasting part more.

After an early dinner and baths, the girls got dressed up for the big event...

And finally after much anticipation we were at the school art show. Gabrielle proudly took us to her (crowded!!) classroom to show us all she has worked on all year long.

Gabrielle & her "Very Hungry Caterpillar" (she commented how her caterpillar was the shortest because that's how she wanted it)

"The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog" Gabrielle's pigeon was one of the few actually eating the hot dog. The other pigeons were holding theirs in their wing. I guess her pigeon was really hungry.

Pointing to her "penguin" art.




This is not an art project but a reading project the kids have been working on since just before Christmas. For every book they read (or was read to them) they took in a strip of paper with their name and the name of the book. To see all the paper chains hanging on the ceiling was quite impressive. Gabrielle loves books and it seems her classmates do as well. They are having a pizza party to celebrate their achievement later this week.

This was Gabrielle's photo hanging on the door to her class room.

Gabrielle and her teacher Mrs. Diane. She has been an awesome teacher and made Gabrielle's first year of school so great. Gabrielle loves school and I know will be bugging me all summer about when she gets to go back!! (I don't have a photo but Gabrielle also has an really great assistant teacher Mrs. Sheila who has also helped make Gabrielle's school year so wonderful.)

We loved seeing Gabrielle's face light up with pride to show us her classroom and all of her art. She was truly so proud and excited. Art is probably her favorite thing at the moment. She would sit all day and color, paint, cut and glue! Our little girl sure has grown up!

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Janie said...

Love all the beautiful art! Tell Gabrielle I think she did an excellent job and I'm proud of her!