Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Around the Corner

Summer is just around the corner and this past weekend made that fact even more of a realization for us. The weather was warm and sunny and we spent the majority of the weekend outside enjoying it!

Once Samantha got used to the pool I was able to sit in my lawn chair nearby and read - with only a few interruptions now and then. This will be the first summer since becoming a mom that I will actually be able to sit and relax - a little - while the girls play.

Of course, Gabrielle is getting braver in the water and trying to stick her face under so I'll have to be watching carefully over that - not to mention little sister is quite the copycat and assumes she can do everything big sister can do. So maybe I won't get as much relaxation as I previously thought! Ha!

Mm mm...Popsicles!! These always take me back to my childhood, swimming in our pool, yelling for Mama who was usually inside taking care of the house to bring us some Popsicles. Heaven forbid we actually get out of the pool and get them ourselves. We were certainly old enough - like 12, 13, and older. And then I can remember Mama telling us if we were going to go through the trouble of wetting bathing suits and towels - and her floors - to at least stay in the pool long enough to make it worthwhile. Ha! Now I sound the exact same way, telling my girls to get in the pool and stay in the pool longer than 10 minutes!

This is our last week of school, one day being a family picnic. We also have dance recital dress rehearsal and the actual recital this week. Throw in a t-ball game, my Wednesday morning Bible study and grocery shopping at some point and it makes for a fairly busy week. Summer temps are really hitting us this week as well with the high expected to be in the 90's all week. I'll have to figure out a day or two at least to enjoy the pool and sun!

I know by July when NC is in the mid to upper 90's everyday, feeling more like 100 on some days, I'll be saying I'm ready for some cooler temps, but until then I say "bring on the sunscreen!!"

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