Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day & Science Fun

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend and I hope everyone took at least a moment over the weekend to think about the meaning of Memorial Day and to appreciate those who have sacrificed so much to give us the freedoms we are so blessed to have!

It is HOT here so the girls and I have not spent a ton of time outside. Yesterday was a fairly lazy day inside enjoying the AC with the exception of a quick trip to the grocery store. Because of course even though I went to the grocery store on Friday there were a couple of ingredients I needed for dinner last night. I have had a major craving for a good steak dinner so that is what we had last night - grilled flank steak, baked potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, salad and delicious garlic bread. I also grilled some chicken for the girls but Gabrielle also had a little bit of steak, what little bit Ed would share with her. I may have to start getting more steak (the rare times we actually have steak) since Gabrielle enjoyed that way more than her chicken.

Oh, and I made some toasted garlic-thyme butter for the corn. It was really good!!

Ed and I enjoyed the dinner but the girls enjoyed their Popsicles after dinner much more.

Even though Ed had to work yesterday he was able to come home earlier than usual. While I was prepping dinner he and Gabrielle opened up a science kit I had bought over the weekend.

Gabrielle loves arts & crafts but I'm coming to the conclusion that really she loves any kind of activity and project. I hope she always loves and enjoys learning as much as she does now.

This kit has 12 activities and Ed and Gabrielle did the first two activities yesterday. They did "Dancing Powders" and "Color Changing Water", all involving acids and bases. It was really neat and definitely something Ed enjoyed doing with Gabrielle as much as she enjoyed it, maybe more. While the kit requires some adult supervision and help it is geared for ages 4+ so still something on Gabrielle's level.

I love the expressions on her face with each result. She was so amazed and fascinated.

It is another HOT, HOT, HOT day here so another day mostly inside for us. I'll probably spend the afternoon cleaning so that the rest of the week is freed up. I am hoping to get the girls outside early in the mornings for the rest of the week and maybe again after dinner for a bit to burn off some energy. We certainly cannot stand too many days stuck inside without driving one another nuts and completely tearing apart the house!

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