Friday, January 25, 2013

NC Winter Weather

Here in NC you just never know what you're going to get when it comes to the weather. I kind of feel bad for all meteorologists working in North Carolina - they have the impossible job of predicting completely unpredictable weather. Just a couple of weeks ago we took the girls to the park to ride their bikes. In short sleeves!! In mid-January!! Today, schools let out 3-4 hours early due to "inclement weather." As I type this it is a below freezing 28 degrees. The ground, driveway, cars, trees, roads - everything - is covered in ice. And did I mention in just 4-5 days we'll be back in the upper 60's, almost 70?

Once I got the girls home, knowing we don't have to leave again until tomorrow, we got settled in with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. It has been a very relaxed, laid back kind of day. Love those days!

We had a simple dinner but definitely a delicious and perfect meal for a day like today - chili and cornbread - a definite comfort food in my book. After getting the girls washed up and in their pj's, they snuggled on the couch for "The Lorax" movie before bed. 

Gabrielle has mentioned on occasion wanting to learn how to sew. While at Target last night I found some Valentine sewing kits so I decided to get one for Gabrielle to try out. I expected to help her quite a bit. The kit was really simple though. The holes were already made and the needle was actually plastic with a rounded tip. 

More sewing kits are in our future.

I wonder what outside will look like tomorrow!?! Hopefully there will still be a little ice and slush sticking around on the grass areas. I don't want the roads messed up for anyone having to travel early in the day but I did promise the girls they could go out tomorrow and stomp around in the ice. 

As I was uploading pictures from my phone and camera tonight I stumbled upon these old photos from my old phone. What better way to end this post than with some old pics? Especially when the pics are pics of my little cute patooties. These round little baby faces get me every time!!

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