Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Plans vs. What I Really Did Today

Let's start off with my plans for today:

  • Have a healthy breakfast & get girls up and ready
  • Take Gabrielle to school
  • Go to Y for fitness orientation & workout
  • Quick stop by pet store {to fulfill promise to Samantha since she likes to look at the fish and other animals}
  • Home; shower; lunch
  • Clean bathroom & steam mop kitchen floor
  • Maybe get some paperwork, budget, etc. accomplished
  • Get dance stuff ready & make "picnic" dinner
  • Pick up G from school
  • Dance class for girls 
  • Home; bedtime {for girls}
  • Read
Now here is my day as it actually happened:

  • Woke up & put workout clothes on
  • No breakfast for me - unless you count the two large cups of coffee {played my turn on Words with Friends game vs. my mom}
  • Took Gabrielle to school
  • Home - because Samantha did not wake up in time to eat breakfast before taking G to school
  • Sat at computer, read a few emails, wrote a blog post, read a few other blogs {and checked facebook a few times}
  • Decided I was not going to the Y today
  • Showered & dressed in comfortable clothes
  • Quick, early lunch
  • Library with Samantha - spent twice as long as intended but found some great books for the girls
  • Quick Not so quick trip to the pet store {the girl does not get tired of looking at fish, especially the "baby Nemo's", snakes and rats!!}
  • Trip to Home Goods to get some inspiration for our master bedroom redecorating project {found a lot more than just inspiration - think I'll be making another trip on Saturday!!}
  • Rushed home to throw together sandwiches, goldfish and chips
  • Quickly changed Samantha into dance clothes
  • Rushed to school to pick up G
  • Dance
  • Exhausted, rushed home
  • Finally got girls in bed
  • Watching American Idol while I type and finally
  • BED!!
To say the least, the day did not go quite as planned. While I did not get much on my to-do list checked off, Samantha and I had some good chill out, hanging out time and other than the crazy rush this afternoon and again tonight, it was a pretty good day. Everything that did not get done today of course rolls over to the weekend to-do list and maybe a few items will even get done.

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Janie said...

I love this!!! Especially since I am supposed to be sewing and working out tonight and I'm sitting on the sofa with wine. Miss you!!!