Friday, February 1, 2013

This Calls for a Celebration!!

I will warn you now, this short post will involve a little bragging by me on Gabrielle.

In Gabrielle's school folder each month is a calendar  where the teacher makes notes on behavior each day. A good behavior day usually is noted with a hand drawn smiley or sticker. For January, Gabrielle received a sticker or smiley every single school day!!

Gabrielle has never had any big issues with behavior (at least not with everyone other than her parents) but the first half of kindergarten there was certainly a learning curve. She needed some time to figure out how to get along and be considerate with everyone. We had several talks about when we are having problems getting along with someone, sometimes we just have to learn to "walk away" and play with another friend for that day. It took a little while for that to sink in and for her to put it into practice. This month I feel like she finally "gets it" and I feel like maybe she is actually listening to something I have told her. Hooray!!

Also, this week she brought home her second report card of the year. At our school we have parent-teacher conferences with each report card. G's teacher was very happy and impressed with Gabrielle's willingness to write and how well she is doing with all of her schoolwork. I left the conference a beaming, smiling, proud Momma. 

I decided this definitely called for a little celebration. Gabrielle wanted to go out for ice cream after dinner tonight is only 30 degrees and very windy. I convinced her into a trip to Krispy Kreme instead. I was actually able to change her mind by informing her Krispy Kreme had ice cream as well as donuts wouldn't you know it, the ice cream machine was not working. Fortunately the chocolate glazed heart shaped donuts lifted her spirits. We each had 1-2 donuts there and brought home a dozen for breakfast tomorrow. So, so bad I know!!

I have to tell you though, if there is a Krispy Kreme in your area you absolutely have to go this month and get the dark chocolate strawberry donut. It is a chocolate glazed donut filled with a strawberry-dark chocolate cream. Oh my, oh my!! It reminded me a lot of a chocolate covered cherry. So delicious. Run and get one ASAP. You absolutely have to try it!

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Janie said...

Yay, Gabrielle! Miss Janie is so proud of you!!!

Now, for you Krispy Kreme lovers...come out next Saturday morning and cheer Will and Matt on in the Krispy Kreme Challenge!