Friday, February 8, 2013

Daddy - Daughter Date Night

Tonight was the Father-Daughter Princess Party Dance at Gabrielle's school. Gabrielle has been looking forward to this event for a few weeks now. Originally the dance was scheduled in January but due to a bit of "winter weather" it was rescheduled. At last the night finally got here!

Gabrielle wore her flower girl dress and insisted on her daddy wearing a tie - but not a bow tie because apparently, as I found out this morning, she does not like bow ties. Not that it matters, because to my knowledge Ed has never even owned a bow tie. He didn't even wear a tux with bow tie for our wedding. 

We were talking about the dance while I was getting her dressed and she mentioned she hoped she could dance like a princess (the waltz she had seen Princess Sofia the First do with her daddy in a recent episode). Ed decided to do a little practicing with Gabrielle before leaving.

With Ed and Gabrielle out for the evening, that left me and my little munchkin at home alone. I wanted to order pizza for dinner but my picky eater decided she no longer likes pizza. What 3 year old does not like cheese pizza? Anyway, we ended up with a gourmet dinner of macaroni and cheese for Samantha and cereal for myself. 

A couple of Little Debbie snack cakes and quick bath later Samantha and I were snuggled in my bed ready for some books. I let her pick as many books as she wanted - not just the 2, maybe 3, we usually read at bedtime. We didn't quite get through all of them.

The girls share a room and bedtime seems to be a struggle most nights. Not tonight. Samantha was asleep five minutes after tucking her in!!

Ed and Gabrielle had a great time at the dance. They both came home with smiling faces. Gabrielle was excited to tell me about the dance, her friends, her goody bag, and the food. And apparently she had a good time with her daddy. She only wanted Ed to get her ready for bed and put her to bed.

With the excitement of the dance and all the sugar from the multiple cupcakes and cookies and punch Gabrielle told me she had (oh and a few grapes thrown in for good measure), I really thought getting her in bed was going to be a struggle. Amazingly enough she was sound asleep within 5-10 minutes as well! I guess the dancing, running and the fact it was almost an hour past her usual bedtime was enough to overcome the adrenaline/sugar rush.

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Janie said...

Oh how special!! Such good memories for both girls tonight!