Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Good Start ~ Still a Ways To Go

The bedroom makeover began today. I am so excited about this project. I have been wanting to do something to our bedroom for about a year now. Our bedroom has remained exactly the same for the past 8+ years and I was more than bored with it. My boredom is probably one cause to the clutter that seemed to find its way to our bedroom. It was a mess and desperately needed some sprucing up!!

During my trip to HomeGoods this past Thursday I found a comforter and quickly fell in love. I took some photos to show Ed to get his opinion and surprisingly he really like it too. I was surprised we found a comforter set we both liked this quickly. Ed told me from the beginning we would not be painting the room. I have no problem with the color of the walls but that did limit choosing an entirely new color scheme. It is difficult to tell in the terrible pictures above but our walls are a sage green. Our quilt was a cream, sage, and purple mostly floral print. Sorry, but I didn't really go to much trouble making the bed or straightening up at all this morning before taking some quick "before" photos. And to be shamefully honest, the room probably looks this messy and disheveled the majority of the time.

I made a return trip today hoping the comforter would still be there. I found a few more items during my trip that I would like to eventually add to our decor throughout the house. Right now my budget demands baby steps in the bedroom makeover so the comforter, some curtains and curtain rods were the only purchases today.

The biggest change, however, is rearranging the room. Our master bedroom is small. I believe the dimensions are only 13' x 10'. It is not a big room and the closet, bathroom door, vents, and directv plug all limit the furniture arrangement. We really thought when we first moved into our house the placement of our furniture was the only way to possibly have it. Boy, were we wrong!!

Our room looks and feels so much bigger. No longer will we be bumping into the corners of the bed and dressers just trying to get to the bathroom or out the door. I love it!! I just can't believe we didn't do this sooner.

As the title of the post says, this is just a start. First, obviously in the photos there is still some "junk" that needs to be thrown out and stored elsewhere. We're hoping to get a chest from Ed's dad to put at the foot of the bed. I need to start searching thrift stores and yard sales for a small nightstand for my side of the bed. I'm definitely replacing the art we've had hanging forever. No offense to Ed - he loves this print and had it hanging in his apartment when we started dating. But I had to inform him he could take it to the office. I have other ideas I'm super excited about and hoping I'll find/make the time soon to get them done. After the room is done, our closet needs some serious cleaning out and organization but since I can close the doors and no one sees the mess but us I'm saving that for last.

So what do you think???

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Janie said...

Very nice!! I love the new comforter!!!!