Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Love

Yesterday was my birthday. And it was one filled with love and well wishes from so many people! Cards I received in the mail a few days prior to my birthday. Morning birthday wishes from my family. Happy birthdays from co-workers. An overwhelming number of birthday blessings posted by friends and family on facebook. It all added up to making this girl feel a whole lotta love yesterday!!

The girls were singing to me as they brought out my present and card. I guess Bella wanted in on the action too!

The most beautiful wrapping paper ever created. One of a kind and made just for me. Samantha had the left side, Gabrielle the right. It is now hanging on my bedroom door.

Just one of my gifts. Loved listening to this in the car this morning!!

Getting older is not so bad when you're getting so much love from your family and friends.

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Rebecca Jo said...

This caught my eye - I downloaded Colton's album on iTunes & LOVING it :)