Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Summary of our Saturday

Even though the girls did sleep a little late this morning I'm exhausted and it is only 8:00 pm. I guess I may be tired due to the random and pointless conversation I had on facebook with my older brother around midnight last night about my square bowls. We were going back and forth and before I knew it my mom was chiming in and then my sister. It was ridiculous. But fun in a strange kind of way. So even though the girls did let me sleep in this morning I'm still tired and ready to go to bed! Apparently my girls are not feeling the same way because as I'm typing I here them chatting away. Sigh. When will bedtime be an easy and simple process??

The ice was definitely still around this morning so we bundled up after breakfast and let the girls crunch around. Poor Samantha slipped twice! Thankfully they were just little slips and she laughed them off.

Everything from the cars to the driveway to the grass to the porch railings was blanketed with about a 1/4" sheet of ice. Ed broke off pieces on the car for the girls to then throw and shatter onto the driveway. And they were each fascinated with all the icicles.

We didn't spend too much time outside. It was freezing still. We came in, warmed up with some blankets and hot chocolate and laid around most of the day. For our afternoon snack we made some Valentine whoopie pies.

They were good!!! You can tell by the look on Gabrielle's face as she is eating hers.

I should be getting some work done or some cleaning done or something more productive but I'm beat. Not to mention the Wolfpack are playing right now and it is a BIG game. Going to cozy up in bed for the rest of the game and maybe get a little reading done before falling asleep.

Go Pack!!!

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Janie said...

Go Pack!!! And those whoopie pies look delish!