Sunday, January 27, 2013

Not the Sunday I Had in Mind

Well the good news is N.C. State beat UNC last night!!! Go pack!!! Of course, in usual Pack fashion, they made the end of the game a nail-biter. I was in bed, pulling the covers up over my eyes most of the time. I just couldn't watch - yet I had to see the game!!

Today is the first Sunday in what feels like quite a while that we have been home and not had anywhere to do - after getting home from church in the morning of course. Last weekend the girls and I were at my mom's and we had a very relaxing Sunday afternoon and evening then. I think that is why I was really looking forward to this afternoon. I had dreams of lounging on the bed under my afghan, reading, maybe watching a movie, in a warm quiet house.

There are times when my girls amaze me. Times they can play quietly and nicely with each other. No fighting. No crying. No whining. Even times when maybe they are not wanting to play together but each do their own thing, staying out of the other's way. It's absolute bliss during those times.

Today has not been one of those amazing times. Sadly it has been a constant fight, argument, hurt feelings, tears. Definitely not nice or quiet. Our Sunday school lesson this morning was The Golden Rule. The girls are in different classes but with very similar lessons. They can both tell you all about the Golden Rule. What it is. What it means. Give you examples of practicing the Golden Rule. But apparently this afternoon they decided not to practice the Golden Rule - at all. 

So my dreams of a relaxing afternoon of reading and resting up before the hectic week begins unfortunately is not coming to fruition.

Now to change the subject, Ed's dad - most often referred to as Granddad around here - made the girls a couple of beautiful Christmas presents this year. He made Gabrielle a canopy bed for her American Girl doll(s) and a stroller for Samantha's babies. He is one very talented man. We have been the very fortunate recipients of many great pieces.

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