Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini Vacation

Last week my daughters and I spent the week at my mom's. It was a much needed break for myself and them and we had a great time. For me it was just nice to be with my mom everyday and to have those extra set of hands to help with the girls. I was able to get some work done but also to relax. I did not get caught up in every day stresses that I then got impatient with my girls and I was able to play and have fun with them.

The week was probably the ideal vacation for Gabrielle. She had a tv and dvd player in "her room". She watched for the first time "Bambi" which has now become her current favorite. Not only did she watch it for the first time but also the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,... Seriously she watched the movie about 8 times while we were there. It is no longer available for purchase so my mom let Gabrielle bring it home with her. She has only watched it once since we got home 3 days ago but has asked several times every day if she could watch it. My little drama queen likes to re-enact various scenes from her favorite movies and what is her favorite scene to act out from Bambi? Well the most tragic scene of the whole movie of course. Yes, my future actress keeps acting out the scene when Bambi loses his mommy.

Gabrielle loved that she was able to play with play-doh every day. I just wonder why she can play so well by herself at my mom's but at home she needs me to play with her every second of the day!!

We went to Vacation Bible School at my mom's church every night. Gabrielle called it church school. Gabrielle just loved being in a class and being around other kids. She literally cried every single night when it was time to go home. The theme was Boomerang Express and boy did Gabrielle love the theme song. She really got into the motions to the song. I need to get a copy of the dvd for her to sing and dance along to at home.

Bible Story time

About to fry fish (goldfish) like Jesus did for his disciples

Riding the Boomerang Express

About to get her certificate on the last night of Bible School

On Wednesday my aunt and Granny came to visit. I love seeing Gabrielle with Granny. Gabrielle is typically shy around everyone at first and we don't see Granny that often. But the last couple of visits we have had with Granny Gabrielle has really warmed up to her. Gabrielle kept bringing Granny toys and books to play with and coloring pages to color. She really just has such a good time with her Granny which I think is so sweet.

On Friday we went to the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores and a really neat park in Morehead. I've taken Gabrielle to the aquarium the past three summers and it is amazing how much more she loves it with each visit. During this visit, however, she kept asking where the dolphins were. While we didn't get to see in any dolphins unfortunately Gabrielle did come home with a very cute stuffed dolphin. Samantha even liked watching some of the fish and she came home with a purple sparkly sea turtle which her sister keeps trying to take for herself.

At the aquarium:

At the park:

It was nice to get away for the week and spend some quality time with my mom. We have been home only a few days and already I miss my mom. She will be here visiting and babysitting for us in just a couple of weeks and then will be here again in September for Gabrielle's birthday. But I really think I may have to make a long visit with her a semi-regular thing - if she will take us!!

While we had a great time at my mom's we did miss Ed and wished he could have been with us. The last real vacation we took was the summer before Gabrielle was born. The past year Ed has worked nonstop. Up until Samantha was born he was working 12 hour days, 7 days a week. There were days that Gabrielle never got to see her Daddy. Now his work schedule is starting to get back to a normal pace. I'm really hoping in November we can take a long weekend trip and get the relaxing family vacation we need.

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